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Bullmastiffs Available for Adoption
to Qualified Homes

Click here if you are looking for a Bullmastiff puppy.

If you cannot accommodate having a Bullmastiff live in the house with you 100% of the time - you do not qualify for a Rescued Bullmastiff.  Bullmastiffs are not yard dogs and should not be kept as such.

If you would like to help foster a Rescued Bullmastiff, please fill out the Bullmastiff Rescue Foster Volunteer Form below.  The information submitted will be forwarded to the National and State Coordinator (if available for your state) for Bullmastiff Rescue. 

Thank you for taking the time to help a Rescued Bullmastiff in need!




Bullmastiff Rescue Foster Care Application

Contact Information

Full Street Address:
Street Line 1:
Street Line 2:

State:      Zip Code:

Home Phone:       
Fax Number:       

Email Address:

Are you a member of a Bullmastiff Club? 
If yes, which Bullmastiff Club are you a member of?

Do you have Bullmastiffs of your own? 
If yes, how many Bullmastiffs do you have and what are their ages?

Have you been involved in other Rescue efforts? 
If yes, what were/are those efforts and your involvement?


Foster Care
The length of time a Bullmastiff is in foster care will vary.  The minimum evaluation period for a Bullmastiff is four (4) weeks.

Would you be able to foster a Bullmastiff for four (4) to six (6) weeks? 

Would you be able to foster a Bullmastiff for longer than six (6) weeks? 

Are there times when you would not be able to foster a Bullmastiff? 
Please explain:

Medical and Veterinary expenses are reimbursed via the American Bullmastiff Association, Inc. Rescue Service (always keep your receipts).  Please contact the National Coordinator if you need more information on what specific expenses will be reimbursed back to you.

Would paying medical expenses for the Bullmastiff, then being reimbursed later be a financial hardship for you? 

Would you be able to quarantine a Bullmastiff if necessary? 

Do you have other animals in your home? 
If yes, please describe what breeds and species:

Are your animals' vaccinations up-to-date?

Do you have children? 
If yes, please list their ages:

Would you be willing to housebreak and crate train a fostered Bullmastiff? 

Would you be willing to feed the fostered Bullmastiff top quality dog food at your own expense? 

Where will the foster dog stay while you are at home?

Where will the foster dog stay while you are not at home?

Would your vet be willing to offer a discount for service on a Rescued Bullmastiff? 

Please enter the contact information for the Veterinarian Clinic you plan to use for the fostered Bullmastiff:

May we visit your home to verify the premises of where the Bullmastiff will be staying while in foster care?   


Foster Care Agreement
By agreeing and submitting this application, I am of legal age and confirm that any work I do for any Bullmastiff Rescue Organization is strictly voluntary on my own accord.  I accept full responsibility for the actions of the Bullmastiff I foster in my home and hold the Bullmastiff Rescue Organization harmless of any charges.  I accept with full knowledge the nature of the Bullmastiff breed along with the attendant risks involved with fostering this breed.  I accept these Bullmastiffs into my care voluntarily and of my own volition.

I agree to provide an optimum environment for the care, safety, and rehabilitation of the Bullmastiff in foster care.  I agree that I may be responsible for the placement of a fostered Bullmastiff into a qualified, caring home.  I agree to abide by the policies and procedures established by the Bullmastiff Rescue Organization I am enrolled with for conducting this rescue effort.

I hereby agree to hold any Bullmastiff Rescue Organization or other Bullmastiff Rescue Individual harmless from any act or future act of any Bullmastiff taken into my care and from any resulting financial obligation resulting from said acts or acts.

Applicant Signature

By entering your Date of Birth, you attest that you are at least 21 years of age: 
Date of Birth 

Applicant Signature 

By entering your Date of Birth, you attest that you are at least 21 years of age: 
Date of Birth 

(If there are two responsible adults in household, both must sign as an applicant.)

Please press the button where you would like to have your application sent to:




Information submitted from any application is kept confidential with the participating Rescue Volunteers.  Submission of information is sent directly to and only to the indicated Bullmastiff Rescue State Coordinators.



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