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The Virtual Fostering Program list is a list of all of the Bullmastiff Rescuers that currently do the following:
  • Physically foster Bullmastiffs awaiting adoption for a Bullmastiff Rescue Organization
  • Need assistance in receiving donated items for the Bullmastiffs in their immediate foster care

If you are a Bullmastiff Rescuer and would like to be a part of the Virtual Fostering Program, please enter all of the following information for the VFP listing:

Your Name (Firstname Lastname):

Mailing Address (must be able to receive packages):

Street Line 1:
Street Line 2:
Zip Code:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Bullmastiff Rescue Organization that You Represent:
Average Number of Bullmastiffs You Foster Per Year:

Thank you for your submission!  If you rescue listing is accepted, you should expect to see your VFP listing by the following Sunday.  Your listing will remain here so long as you continue to physically foster rescued Bullmastiffs.  If you are no longer doing Bullmastiff Rescue, please notify us so that the listing can be updated.  All participants must be a member of an officially recognized Bullmastiff Rescue Group in order to be eligible.   All participants must be a current fostering station.


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