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If you spot a Bullmastiff in a shelter, being abused, abandoned, and/or neglected, please report the following information to the American Bullmastiff Association Inc. Rescue Service's National Coordinator.

If you are a PET OWNER looking to place your Bullmastiff in another home, please do the following first:
Contact the Bullmastiff Breeder from which you originally acquired the Bullmastiff from to see if they will take the Bullmastiff back into their care.

If the Bullmastiff Breeder will NOT take the Bullmastiff back, then submit the following to the American Bullmastiff Association, Inc. Rescue Service's National Coordinator:

Your Name (Firstname Lastname):

Your Email Address - NOTE: We will be contacting you via email concerning this Bullmastiff:

What Entity currently has the Bullmastiff in possession:

If "Other", please specify:

Does this Bullmastiff have registration papers (either from AKC, CKC, etc.)?

Has the breeder of this Bullmastiff been contacted?

What is the name of this Bullmastiff's Breeder?

Has this Bullmastiff been neutered or spayed?

Has the Bullmastiff shown any aggression towards humans (growling, attempting to bite, bitten a human)?

If this Bullmastiff has shown aggression towards humans, please explain the Bullmastiff's behavior and history:

Is the Bullmastiff animal aggressive?

If this Bullmastiff has shown animal aggression, please explain the Bullmastiff's behavior and history around animals:

Is this Bullmastiff listed on the Internet or a Bulletin Board?
If yes, what is the Web Address:

Physical Location of the Bullmastiff:

Street Address Line 1: 
Street Address Line 2: 
Zip Code:
Phone Number (if known):

What is the reason for surrendering this Bullmastiff to Rescue?

Description of the Bullmastiff, the environment they are in, physical condition, and any other information you could provide us in helping to safely retrieve this Bullmastiff into Bullmastiff Rescue:

Name of Bullmastiff:

Age of Bullmastiff:

If you are surrendering a Bullmastiff that is in your direct possession (this applies to both private owners and facilities such as an animal shelter, vet clinic, etc.), in order to expedite this process, please fill out both of these forms to turn in with the Bullmastiff:

Thank You for helping to get this Bullmastiff into a safe haven!

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